Cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to be treated. It requires a combination of many therapies, which may help.

Cancer hospitals in China always use a combination of both Western & Chinese Medicine to treat the cancers.

The aim of cancer therapy is the destruction of the tumour. Western Medicine uses surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat cancer.  As we know the side effects of these treatments are often highly debilitating and also affect our immune system.  Recent studies demonstrate that, even after maximum chemotherapy, still about 0.1% of rest tumour cells have survived.  Therefore a high risk of recurrence and metastases will exist for the ensuing 2 – 7 years.

Our immune system (well known as T-cell, B-cell, NK-cell, Helper-cell, macrophages etc) can destroy these remaining malignant cells. Therefore, boosting the immune system will increase the chances of a successful therapy and the patient’s survival rate.

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